Professional Bed Bug Control

Different stages of bed bugs on a mattress

Bed bug control is one of the most difficult pest control jobs that there is. It's one of the few pest control jobs that absolutely requires professional treatment. Do-it-yourself bed bug control has almost a zero chance of being successful. Even seasoned exterminators consider every bed bug control job to be a challenge.

When the "bed bug renaissance" began toward the end of the 199o's, skilled pest management technicians with decades of experience literally had to go back to school to learn effective bed bug control methods. Bed bug treatment is unlike any other kind of pest control. Without specialized training and equipment, even professionals found themselves unable to solve their customer's problems. Some, in fact, chose to simply turn down bed bug jobs.

Don't worry, though. As challenging as it is, bed bugs can be effectively controlled: but it takes a lot of very detailed, exacting work by a highly-trained pest control technician, and an unusual level of cooperation from the customer.

Why are Bed Bugs so Hard to Control?

There are several reasons why bed bug elimination is so difficult.

1. Biology

Bed bugs and dropping on a bed frame

The first reason why bed bugs are hard to kill has to do with bed bug biology itself. Bed bugs are hard to poison using conventional, residual insecticides. Being parasitic, blood-sucking insects, bed bugs don't pick up food and eat it like cockroaches and ants do. This means that "stomach poisons -- insecticides that have to be ingested -- will have little or no effect on them because they feed on blood using specialized mouth parts and don't readily ingest residual insecticides on surfaces.

Bed bugs are also very prolific insects. In ideal conditions, bed bugs can develop from eggs to adults in less than two months; and female bed bugs can lay as many as five eggs every day, and 500 eggs over the course of their lives. This adds up to an enormous population increase potential. Minor bed bug problems can very quickly become major ones without effective treatment.

Finally, bed bugs are very small and can hide practically anywhere. Mattresses and other furnishings are only the tip of the iceberg. We find bed bugs behind baseboards, in picture frames, in the cracks in hardwood flooring, between flooring and sub-flooring, between wall paneling and the underlying Sheetrock, in wall and ceiling voids, in electrical conduits, and even inside hollow window shade tubes and curtain rods.

Or to put it simply: Bed bugs can get into almost anything.

Precision insecticide application into a drawer slide

What this means that effective bed bug treatment has to be methodical and thorough. It's not a job for a lazy technician: There are no easy bed bug jobs.

It also means that we need specialized equipment that is able to get into all these tiny bed bug harborage areas, so companies like Dayton Bed Bug Control that specialize in bed bug work have to invest in all sorts of specialized doodads to help us get insecticide to where the bed bugs are living.

Price pressures also cause some pest control companies to under-price the work, which in turn forces their technicians to cut corners to try to get the jobs done within an amount of time that will still allow the company to make some profit on the job. But bed bug control isn't the kind of job you can rush. Because residual insecticides are not very effective against bed bugs, you can't simply lay a band of chemical and hope for the best. You really have to get to the places where the bed bugs are.

2. Lack of Customer Preparation

Many companies fail to adequately explain the importance of proper preparation on the consumer's part. Bed bug control requires an extraordinary level of cooperation and preparation by the customer. We wish that weren't the case, but it is. We can't do our part unless you do yours. We'll provide detailed instructions to help you prepare for your bed bug treatment before we arrive.

3. Economics

As mentioned earlier, economics plays a role in failed bed bug treatments. Effective bed bug elimination requires hours of work by specially-trained, hard-working technicians who are equipped with expensive, specialized equipment. That makes it expensive: and let's face it, money's not easy to come by these days.

Many people try to find a cheaper way out of their bed bug nightmares, such as by hiring whichever exterminator provides the lowest price quote. Unfortunately, rock-bottom prices almost always result in inadequate treatments.

Other people try to safe money by attempting do-it-yourself bed bug control, which is almost never effective. Worse yet, inadequate treatment attempts can make subsequent treatment more difficult by encouraging the development of insecticide resistance, which makes the bed bug infestation even more difficult -- and costly -- to treat effectively.

Why Choose Dayton Bed Bug Control

Precision application of insecticide into a box spring for bedbug control

At Dayton Bed Bug Control, we specialize in effective bed bug elimination. Our technicians have been intensively trained and are provided with the best available equipment to solve any bed bug problem.

We also give our technicians adequate time to do the job properly. Some companies load their techs with so much work that there's no way they can do as thorough a job as is needed to eradicate bed bugs. Their technicians are forced to cut corners, which translates into more frequent treatment failures.

That's not how we work. We believe that the quality of our work is a testimony to our faith; and so we honor God by doing our work with enthusiasm, an eye for detail, and attention to quality. We don't cut corners, nor do we expect our technicians to do so, either.

We perform bed bug elimination in practically any kind of building, including:

Private homes

Condominiums and co-ops

Apartment buildings

Hotels and motels

Camps and lodges

Mobile homes, campers, trailers, and houseboats

Homeless shelters

Hospitals and nursing homes

Jails, prisons, and correctional facilities

In short, we're willing to eliminate bed bugs pretty much anywhere they can be found.

Bed Bug-Infested Furniture Removal

As another convenience to our customers, we also provide removal and disposal of bed frames, mattresses, box springs, sofas, and other furniture that has been infested by bed bugs and which the customer doesn't wish to have treated. This is a big plus because unless you've been in the situation, you really have no idea how hard it is to find someone willing to pick up bed bug-infested furniture and haul it away. Most trucking companies don't want anything to do with it.

No worries. We have a truck and we're not afraid to use it.

Non-Chemical Bed Bug Control

For those who prefer a completely non-chemical approach, we also provide bed bug control using heat treatment. This revolutionary method can be used even in sensitive areas such as schools or child-care centers. It's also a popular choice by customers who have allergies or sensitivities to insecticides, or who just prefer avoiding chemicals in their homes. Please click here for more information.

Bed bugs are difficult to control. You need a bed bug specialist if you want to eliminate them. Please contact us to learn how we can help you solve your bed bug problem. We service the Greater Dayton Metropolitan area.