Pest Control for Businesses and Organizations

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In addition to bed bug elimination, Dayton Bed Bug Control provides a wide range of pest control services for businesses and organizations throughout the Dayton, Ohio Metropolitan area. In fact, our family has been providing Dayton's business community with the finest-quality pest control services for decades -- since long before bed bugs became important pests.

Our philosophy of commercial pest control begins with the premise that to properly service your business, we have to first learn to understand your business -- at least those aspects of your business that affect pest control.

Our goal is to design and implement an effective Pest Management Program that is in full compliance with all of your regulatory and industry standards, including all required record keeping and documentation, so you can do what you do best: manage your business.

Specialized Pest Control Services

We service all kinds of businesses and are familiar with government and industry standards for a wide variety of industries. Some of these include:

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Food Manufacturing, Food Processing, and Food Service Establishments. The food industry has extremely high standards and strict requirements for pest control. Most food-related establishments require an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan that is properly documented and in compliance with both government and industry requirements. We're familiar with USDA, FDA, HACCP, ISO/FSSC 22000, and AIB standards, as well as state and local sanitation requirements.

In short, whether you run an international food manufacturing company or a local restaurant, diner, or bakery, we'll make sure that your pest control program is both effective and compliant.


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Retail Establishments. Retail is a tough game, and it doesn't make it any easier when customers see pests running through your store. But pest control in retail stores has to be done discreetly: It doesn't help business much when customers see an army of exterminators moving through the stores, spraying insecticide around their feet.

That's why we work with our clients to design a pest control plan that is effective, but also sensitive to the unique needs of retail vendors. We work with our clients on things like scheduling, minimizing odors, record-keeping, and implementing non-chemical solutions whenever possible.

Some retail establishment (especially clothing stores) are especially susceptible to bed bug problems, especially in changing rooms and returned-goods areas. Well work with you and your employees to help you minimize the risks.


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Schools, Day Care Centers, and Child Care Facilities Ohio has very strict requirements for School IPM for all schools (including Pre-K and nursery schools). We can help your child-care facility meet those requirements and help keep your children healthy.

Integrated Pest Management is designed to help provide a pest-free environment for learning, while minimizing (or eliminating, if possible) the use of chemical pesticides. This is done through intensive inspection, education of staff members, maintaining good communications between the pest controller and the school staff, and using non-chemical control techniques like trapping and exclusion wherever possible.

At Dayton Bed Bug Control, we take pride in treating every school as if our own children were students there, adhering to a strict IPM philosophy that meets or exceeds all state and federal school IPM requirements. We'll also help you document your compliance for regulatory or insurance reasons.


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Factories, Warehouses, and Industrial Facilities. Pest control at a big industrial plant or warehouse can be a real challenge. There's a constant movement of materials, supplies, and finished products in and out of the facility, which provides opportunities for infestation by "hitchhiking" pests. There are also countless places for pests to hide.

But pests are unacceptable in any kind of warehouse. One of the fastest ways for a warehouse to lose customers is for them to blame you for pest problems in the stored items. This is especially true for food warehouses, but clothing and textiles damaged by moths are beetles can also result in lose business.

That's why our approach to pest control at industrial plants begins with a thorough inspection and observation of your operations, so we can understand and work within them to provide effective pest control in a way that doesn't disrupt your business. We have expertise treating both food and non-food warehousing and distribution facilities.


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Hotels, Motels, and Convention Centers. Many Dayton-area hotels and motels are familiar with our flagship bed bug control services, but we also provide full-service pest control to the Dayton hospitality industry.

Pest control in hospitality establishments is challenging, but pests are unacceptable. Years of work building up your establishment's reputation can be undone by a single cockroach or mouse. But the fast-paced nature of the hospitality industry, the need to avoid downtime, and the constant turnover of guests make effective pest control a challenge even for professionals.

Not to worry. Whether the problem is cockroaches in the kitchen or flies around the dumpsters, we can help. We also understand the hospitality business, and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service with the kind of availability and responsiveness that lodging establishments need.


Whatever kind of business or organization you operate, we're ready to take the time to get to know your particular business, and then design a comprehensive pest management plan that works for you. Please contact us to learn more about our high-quality commercial pest control services.